Sentosa Island Ropeways Singapore

Sentosa Island Ropeways Singapore (2009/12-2016/05)

prime consultant to the owner, Oswald Graber and Outdoor Engineers provided Ropeway consulting services for the Sentosa Development Corporation on a resort island in Singapore. The three part contractual arrangement, involving two different Ropeway lifts valued at $45M (a 3 station mono-cable and a 2 station compact tram), included a feasibility phase, a Procurement /tender phase and a project management/owner’s rep phase. The feasibility study, completed in conjunction with Bryce Tupper of NORR, included full capital and operational cost estimates of both passenger Ropeways and focused on opportunities and risks surrounding the technical, environmental, procurement and construction elements of the project. Following the feasibility phase, Oswald administered the technical construction tender for procuring the Ropeway systems. Particular detail was paid to the contractual relationships of specialty lift manufacturers with local contractors due to the relative remote location and abilities/quality control of local contractors. The project is currently awaiting the commencement of the lift delivery phase. The ropeway was commissioned in November 2014.

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